Mice as Pets

pet mouse  Considering a pet mouse? Mice can be good pets at home or in the classroom. They easy to care for, tame and lots of fun to watch. Just make sure you are well prepared before you bring your new friend home.

1- Planning

Do your research, online or using books and magazines. Learn everything you can about caring for mice. It’s better to be well prepared for a new pet ahead of time, whether it’s a mouse, fish, cat or dog. You need to know what to expect and how to care for it. Plus, you need to have the proper food and equipment.

2- Prepare their Home

Prepare a nice home for your mice. You can use a 10 gallon aquarium, or a wire cage. Just make sure the bars are close together so the mice can’t squeeze through.

Line the bottom with lots of bedding, which can be wood chips, shredded paper, hay or a commercial bedding from the pet store. Never use cedar or pine shavings, which could contain dangerous chemicals.

You will also need to provide some bedding material. They like to shred up paper towels.

Give them some hiding places, for sleeping and playing. You can buy pre-made ones in a pet store, or you can give them cardboard tubes or small boxes with a hole cut in the side.

Mice are very acrobatic and love to exercise. You can get them an exercise wheel to run on. A solid plastic one may be better for their feet than a wire wheel. Also, they might some small branches to climb on.

3- Food & Water

Mice have very basic diets. You can buy dry food for them, which is specifically designed to be nutritious and healthy. They may also enjoy some greens and vegetables, even a bit of whole grain bread. Remove any uneaten fresh food every day.

All animals need fresh water, and mice are no exception. Ideally the water is given with a hanging water bottle so that it does not become contaminated. If you use a small water dish, be sure to check and clean it often.

Mice’s teeth grow constantly, so if you don’t use wood chips as bedding, provide them with some untreated wood to chew on.

4- Enjoy

Mice are social, so it is best to buy them in pairs. Two females live well together. Two males can also be friends if they are put together when young. Of course, unless you want lots of little baby mice, beware of combining the genders.

You can tame them by gently and carefully handling them daily until they get used to you. But be careful how you hold them, and never pick your mouse up by his tail.

Your pet mice will be active both day and night, with short periods of sleep, so you can enjoy watching them throughout the day.

If you treat them well, mice can live for up to 1 1/2 years.

Enjoy your new pets!